Thursday, March 16, 2023

J C Lodge's Uprising

Last Friday, JC Lodge clocked her third straight week at number one on the South Florida Reggae Chart with Love Uprising. The London-based singer is looking for similar success in Jamaica, where her career took off in the early 1980s. Love Uprising is produced by My MM Productions, a company manned by Wayne Armond and Orville Marshall. The single is part of their Positive Transfusion compilation album, released in 2022. "We're currently working on duplicating my US impact in Jamaica, because this is the birthplace of my career, and where all my prior successes were spawned. I would love the approval and endorsement of my fellow Jamaicans once again," Lodge told the Jamaica Observer. Love Uprising is her second chart-topper in South Florida. Over, produced by Lion Face Records, was the first in 2021. Lodge says she has released many songs in recent years, but believes the unpredictability of the music business stalled their potential. "Despite consistently having releases through the years, several of them have slipped by, unnoticed, due to the difficulties many of my producers have faced in garnering attention or support for their product," she said. "At any stage of their career an artiste needs to feel appreciation for their work, but perhaps it is even more meaningful when you've dedicated 42 years of your life to something and you're still at it." Lodge was born in the United Kingdom to a Jamaican father and British mother. She spent some of her formative years in Kingston, where her recording career began. In 1980 she soared to number one on multiple reggae charts in Jamaica, the US, and Europe with a cover of Charlie Pride's Someone Loves You Honey. It was followed by other well-received singles like Love You More Than I Can Say, Make it up With You and Telephone Love. In the early 1990s, she was briefly signed to American company Tommy Boy Records, for which she recorded the album, Tropic of Love.

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